WhatSender Pro 6.2 Crack Full Version Free Download 2023 [Latest]

WhatSender Pro 6.2 Crack Full Version Free Download 2023 [Latest]

WhatSender Free Download is the perfect marketing tool for WhatsApp because it allows us to send messages to multiple contacts simultaneously from our PC desktop.

WhatSender Pro 6.2 Crack Full Version Free Download 2023 [Latest]

Due to the fact that everyone has WhatsApp on their phones, this app has become a powerful marketing tool because it is easy to reach many different users and because, unlike email, it is easier to read messages.

The point is that the official WhatsApp Sender Pro 6 applications for desktop computers or browsers have some limitations when sending mass messages. WhatSender is a desktop client that intends to solve this problem and provides the user with a tool to send messages to all members of our contact list. Find more on AmoCrack.

How WhatSender 6.2 Crack Work?

A powerful WhatsSender 2023 Crack to send more messages from your computer. You can import all your contacts from TXT or CSV files and send WhatsApp messages to all contacts with one click. It is software designed to send WhatsApp messages in bulk directly from your PC in a simple and efficient way. WhatSender uses WhatsApp web technology but adds useful features for marketing WhatsApp and sending WhatsApp messages to multiple users simultaneously.

These are the main functions of this program:

  • Send customized messages.
  • Import contact lists in CSV and TXT formats or by copying and pasting.
  • Send messages to all your contacts.
  • Check your delivery logs or filter contacts by number.

Features Of WhatSender Crack Version

  • Create and send customized messages (with the name of the recipient) directly from your PC
  • Import contacts either manually or from a file (CSV or TXT)
  • Send Whatsapp messages to contacts even if they are not saved in your address book
  • Automatically create multiple variations of the message to send to all contacts and avoid spam or ban
  • Ability to see the report of the campaign (from LOG section)
  • Possibility to schedule the sending and set a delay between the messages to avoid to be banned
  • Grab all members of a Whatsapp group to contact them via WhatSender
  • Create and send Whatsapp messages with viral photos and videos

What’s new in WhatSender Pro 6.2:

  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

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